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The MISSION : BREAKDOWN provides real-time and high throughput elemental analysis that finally meets industrials needs. It allows improvement of the recycled material value, the continuous monitoring of the chemical composition of the process feed as well as the mapping soil properties for agriculture or remediation.

With a growing interest in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) that eliminate the need for batch control by continuous process monitoring and process understanding. MISSION : BREAKDOWN products are designed to identify and to monitor critical-to-quality parameters and ensure quality, productivity and accuracy of product specifications.
Advantages of liaes
Laser-Induced Atomic Emission Spectrometry analysis is, by far, the fastest and most sensitive technology.
The reasons are many:
Analyze any metal
and any non-conducting material
in many shapes and forms
Dry, clean and analyse
even with paint, dirt, oxide,
water, etc.
Single analysis in less
than 0.01 seconds
(100 Hz and faster)
From trace
(sub-ppm) to percent
concentration levels
With certified type standards
- accuracy nominally better
than 1% relative
No sample preparation
Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
and low operating costs
Applications are available for any shape or size:
  • Metallic alloys
  • Metalloids
  • Non-conducting material
  • Rocks sorting for mines
  • Fertile soils
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Contaminated soils
  • Water
  • Sorting
  • Liquid metal
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Forensics
  • Nuclear forensics


MISSION : ROCKS is suited for high throughput rock analysis for ore sorting and continuous process monitoring in the mining industry. It allows significant energy cost savings by avoiding the transportation of tons of sterile ore. This application also provides mining exploitation with significant reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy cost savings.
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MISSION : Coriosity

MISSION:CORIOSITY is the ultimate innovation in elemental imaging instrumentation. It provides the elemental mapping with higher resolution than the best Scanning Electronic Microscope equipped with Energy Dispertive X-ray Spectroscopy. MISSION:CORIOSITY maps efficiently light elements.Core samples coming from mining exploration can be resolved down to 10 microns for Au, S, P, C, B, Al and many more.
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MISSION : SORT has been designed for high throughput sorting as well as roughed process analyzer for recycling or for metallurgical transformation. MISSION : SORT is the first sensor for recycling that reaches more than 100 measurements per second. Moreover, it can resolve small chemical differences within the same alloy base (i.e. aluminum 6111, 6061, etc). In addition, MISSION : SORT does not emit ionizing electromagnetic radiation such X-Rays and Gamma-Rays.
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MISSION : SOIL has been designed for high throughput soil analysis coupled with geo-localization capabilities to map soil parameters for smart agriculture and remediation of pollutant. The analysis pace of MISSION : SOIL enables the mapping of soil composition with accuracy and precision never reached before. The robustness and roughness of the MISSION : BREAKDOWN platform that has been improved after thousands of operating hours under harsh industrial conditions will insure quality of the analytical results over time.
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The mining and the metal industries are constantly looking to improve their extraction process yield. MISSION : MUD answers directly their needs in terms of process monitoring by providing the real-time elemental composition of the slurry. In addition, it identifies the critical parameters to improve yield and quality of the final products.

Traditionally, process control was done using classical sampling and time consuming laboratory analyses (more than 60 minutes). The use of MISSION : MUD analyzer allows process engineers to react in real-time in order to improve their process performances.
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The MISSION : Z118 is the ultimate benchtop analyzer you can find on the market for routine laboratory analysis. The unique platform of the MISSION : Z118 allows to fulfill the most demanding customer needs, in terms of repeatability, reproducibility, robustness, precision, accuracy, and sensitivity. It enables the direct analysis of solid samples (e.g. iron, aluminum, etc) without mechanical sample preparation to remove the oxide layer like it is the case with Spark-OES. Sensitivity from high ppb to mass percent is achievable on a routine basis in many different materials. The MISSION : Z118 allows laboratory analysis in a few seconds per sample for quality and process control. This innovative instrument allows the simultaneous multi-elemental analysis for routine analysis as well as for the most demanding analytical developments.
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